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Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize power collected from individuals to form strong capital and make real estate investment accessible.

Redefining The Way We Move.

AlphaX is a rapidly developing Bay Area real estate investment group that has acquired nearly $200M+ in assets since its establishment in 2019. We specialize in the single-family residential sector, including ventures such as long-term rental,Airbnb rental, build-to-rent, and build-to-sell projects.

AlphaX Re Capital


Stephanie Yi

Founder, CEO

Stephanie Yi is an entrepreneur and Founder of several companies, including AlphaX SALA Homes, and Hestia development ....Ms. Yi specialized in researching and analyzing investment opportunities in developed, emerging, and frontier markets.Stephanie brings quite a unique background to work as a real estate entrepreneur. Earlier in her career, Ms. Yi founded a few biotech companies after she got her biology doctorate degree. She successfully sold her companyto aChinese public company. After that, she worked as a fund manager for two years in the biotech industry. Then, she worked as CEO of a bay area-based biotech company before she started her real estate business The entrepreneurial background helped her recognize entrepreneurial opportunities fast and this knowledge helped her prevent risk.

Stephanie Yi

Lisa Gao


The COO of AlphaX and co-founder of SALA Homes Realty and Development. Lisa is a licensed Real Estate Broker and highly experienced real estate investor.Lisa has a strong track record of driving growth in global organizations and investment platforms, as well as building top-performance teams.Prior to co-founding AlphaX and SALA, Lisa was CEO of a data science startup.Lisa and her team successfully helped 150+ families to find their dream homes. She is also the CEO and responsible broker of RateDNA(mortgage company under AlphaX), which has arranged ~$100mil loans in2021.Lisa is an award-winning real estate expert with great specialists in luxury and the single-family home marketing in Bay Area and Arizona. Lisa is also a great coach for her team. She helped the agents in her team to be successful and trustworthy real estate experts, supporting them with excellent training and offering internal listing opportunities for on-job experience, and helping newer agents to procure clients successfully. Lisa is very open

to sharing client leads with other agents on her team.

Lisa Gao

De Nguyen

Chief Officer of Design & Construction

De Nguyen has been the lead of AlphaX Design and Construction Department since2019. He had a strong passion for custom design and construction in residential.He works with a mix of private homebuilder clients, as well as and owners and developers. With training to understanding both structural and architecture, De not only brings an impressive tracking record of more than 100 successful custom projects in the Bay Area, but also becomes a successful investor with unique insights and vision.

De Nguyen

Jane Lin

Chief Investment Officer

Jane Lin is a distinguished real estate professional with years of experience across residential, commercial, and development sectors. Driven by her passion for real estate investing, she earned a Master's in Real Estate Development and Design (MRED+D) from UC Berkeley. As a former asset manager for a Bay Area developer, Jane managed a diverse portfolio exceeding $100MM, encompassing mixed-use residential properties, retail shopping centers, and RV/mobile home parks. Presently, Jane focuses on real estate investing and shares her expertise on social media, accumulating over 3 million views and 40,000 likes. Outside of her real estate career, Jane is a singer, emcee, and certified yoga instructor.


Our Team

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