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AlphaX Debt Fund I

The open-end fund provides a flexible and attractive loan to flippers, builders, developers and investors.
The loan program includes loans for SFR Multi-family, Commercial, Construction, ADU & Tiny House.

We have the professional underwriting team to evaluate the eligible loans. Investors will get fully passive and low risk return.

Target Fund Size

Target Gross Return 

Preferred Return






Note: (1) Gross IRR (for this purpose) is an annualized return and on a pre-tax basis (at the investor level) and does not reflect the deduction of management fees, performance compensation or operating and administrative expenses. Targets are not guarantees of future performance, are presented for informational purposes only, and there is no assurance that they will be achieved. While the Manager believes all targets to be reasonable and sound under the current circumstances, they are based on numerous assumptions and actual returns may differ materially. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. (2) Represents annualized net return on initial capital after the deduction of management fee and performance compensation, but it does not reflect the deduction of operating and administrative expenses. (3) Distributions of the net profits are not a guaranteed distribution and are subject to the cash availability of the fund. The manager and the fund make no guarantees, assurances, or commitments to the distribution of any returns. The manager will only make distributions to the extent cash is available, in the sole and absolute discretion of the manager, and the extent that any distributions will not impact the continuing operations of the fund. (4) Subject to the conditions and limitations set forth in the respective Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements. (5) Withdrawal requests are processed on the 1st and 15th day of each month upon the Manager's approval. Approval decision to be made within 45 days of request. Fund must have available cash flow to satisfy the requested withdrawal and Manager may take into consideration other factors such as the Fund’s financial condition and prospective transactions in assets. Withdrawal is at a first come first serve basis with quarterly and annual withdrawal amount limitation and subject to a processing fee

AlphaX Re Capital

Want To Receive
Annual 8-10% Return
Quarterly Distribution

Invest with Alpha X

AlphaX Re Capital

Lucrative Quarterly Return

Investors receive considerable quarterly returns improved by rising interest rates and sustained by interest payments from short term bridge loans provided to real estate developers.

Optimized Investment Security

Risk to investor funds is minimized with our lending protocol. All loans require a down payment* and are underwritten with real property. We primarily lend and build relationships with high-quality borrowers in west coast markets to further reduce risk and

stabilize returns.

*Down payments are usually 20% or higher, but may vary depending on the borrower.

Distribution Reinvestment Generates
Compounded Return

We offer investors the option to reinvest quarterly distribution in the fund that enables a compounded and consistent return during the current

market turbulence

Investment Diversification
Reduces Default Risk

We invest in a well diversified portfolio of loans across multiple borrowers that presents non-correlation to the stock market or long duration bonds, and protect our principal in the event of default.

AlphaX Re Capital

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