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AlphaX RE Capital is a women-founded builder-developer real estate development and investment company based in Silicon Valley, dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable communities, with nearly 70% of women in the company.

AlphaX RE Capital operates with a vertically integrated, streamlined process. From acquisition and financing to design, construction, asset management, and disposition, we manage every stage in-house. This approach ensures efficiency and quality in our real estate development and private lending, optimizing returns for our investors.

Currently, we manage assets exceeding $300 million and oversee more than 370 active projects, including master developments, planned communities, and scattered single-family residences and ADUs across Northern and Southern California.

Our AlphaX team is composed of experts in development, construction, design, acquisition, fundraising, and other key areas, ensuring comprehensive and professional project execution.

Los Angeles

Vertically Integrated, Streamlined Process.

Vertical integration from A to Z, effective cost control, high efficiency of integrating resources of all links, one-stop U.S. real estate investment platform;

  • Acquisition and Entitlement & Master Planning

  • Financing & Fund Raising、Design、Interior Design、Construction Management、Rental Management、Disposition、Material Supply

AlphaX Re Capital
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